Unique Wedding Venues – Wet Wild & Wacky

Want to get married at a exceptional wedding place that’s as distinctive as the both of you?

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You’ve got many options when it comes to weddings. You may take a submarine wedding in Hawaii, a ski wedding in the Caribbean, or even a wedding to a tall boat in Chicago. Oryou can push the envelope only a little bit farther and go for something really special – a wedding from the world’s only underwater hotel.

The Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida is really underwater, with guests needing to scuba dive 21 feet under the surface of the sea and then input through an opening at the base of the lodge. Wedding ceremonies have been held within the lodge, which is composed of a moist room entry area, two bedrooms and a frequent area, which can be a combination kitchen, dining room, and living room space. Imagine getting your honeymoon submerged, snuggled on your bed when viewing the fish pass from the window.

For dinner you’re provided a caviar appetizer and selection of 2 entrees, either lobster or beef and a hearts of palm salad and dessert. Your meal is prepared by a chef that scuba dives into the lodge View Site. The chef will even scuba dive into the lodge the next morning and prepare breakfast. The Jules’ Undersea Lodge wedding is ideal for people who would like to elope into an odd site.

In case you have some additional guests attending the wedding you’ll be billed an extra $60 each guest. Telephone -LRB-305-RRB- 451-2353 to learn more.

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What can be more crazy than a shotgun wedding or even a wedding in a haunted hotel?

Where is Oatman, you inquire? It is an historic ghost town 20 miles north of Laughlin, Nevada, previously a flourishing mining town during the gold rush. Oatman now is a tourist city with everyday wild west shootouts and shotgun weddings.

It is stated the Oatman Hotel is haunted by many spirits, for example, some say, Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, a former chambermaid along with also an Irish miner who formerly lived there. It is stated employees and guests of the resort have discovered the spirits of Gable and Lombard laughing on their honeymoon area. Additionally, there Are reports of the sound of bagpipes coming in the area of their Irish miner, whose soul is Known as”Oatie”

For advice concerning shotgun weddings, you also can telephone 928-768-8063 or even 928-768-3839. For bookings to The Oatman Hotel it is possible to call 928-768-4408.

Another wedding venue that many believe haunted is Thayer’s Historic Bed and Breakfast in Annandale, Minnesota, that can be possessed by a female, Sharon Gammell. Constructed in 1895, Thayer’s Historic Bed and Breakfast is reported to be the home of many ghosts, including the first owners, including Caroline and Gus Thayer and a number of their buddies. As well as for the cat lovers, Thayer’s is also the home of three resident phantom cats (along with a few dwelling cats).

Annandale is Only a Little over a hour drive from the Twin Cities International Airport. To find out more call 800-944-6595.

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Based on the wedding bundle you select, you may have your pick of one to 3 Star Trek characters gift at your weddingKlingon, Ferengi or even BORG.

You might even decide to have your wedding reception within Quark’s Bar or the Captain’s Lounge, based on how big your wedding celebration. You can have the choice of distinct reception selections, but I would go to the Romulan Warbird, that will be a marinated chicken breast served with wild rice pilaf and seasonal vegetables. Wedding cakes include all the Star Trek logo on these.

Hopefully a few of the above mentioned wedding ideas will appeal to you, or make you thinking about other innovative and special ways to celebrate your wedding day. Possibly wet, wild and wacky weddings are not something. Perhaps eloping to Hawaii or Las Vegas is everything you desire. Whatever you choose to do, make it particular.

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